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July 07, 2014

Zhu Faded image

Zhu is One To Watch


Think Disclosure meets The Weeknd with a spritz of some Dusky vibes and Frank OceanÖ yeah thatís where the music Gods have blessed us with ZHU. The new music phenomenon that seemingly came out of nowhere yet sparked conversation amongst the biggest media outlets because of his OutKast tribute- ëMoves Like Ms. Jacksoní, is setting the bar high for up-and-comers with his own moves that spread like...

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July 18, 2014

Lil Simz Edge image

Lil Simz Releases New EP


"'E.D.G.E.' is that first showing of the transition, growth and progression in my art as this is my first original project soundscape-wise," she tells The Juice. "Everything was built from scratch and a majority of the tracks were recorded and mixed by me in my bedroom. I began recording 'E.D.G.E' at the end of the 'Blank Canvas' project, with 'Enter The Void' being the first song that I made. That shaped the tone of part of the EP's sonic and thematic journey."

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June 14, 2014

Zeds Dead Lost You image

Zeds Dead Gets Trippy


This week, Zeds Dead released their new and entrancing music video for their latest song ëLost Youí featuring Twin Shadow and Díangelo Lacy. At first glance the video may seem juvenile, but tells the story of someone going through heartbreak, through colourful and animated characters. Like many of Zeds Dead music videos, the video is very original and is sure to take you on a visual adventure. You can catch them at Óle Soniq Festival in Montreal...

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June 08, 2014

MO Night image

MØ Takes On the Night


In 2012, Copenhagen native Karen Marie ÿrsted, better know by her stage name Mÿ (pronounced "moo"), released her first single "Maiden," a soulful track with a title that doubles as a direct translation of her stage name. The alt-pop artist then spent the next 18 months continuing that hot streak, with follow-up tracks "Glass," "Pilgrim," "Waste of Time" and an un-credited feature on Avicii's song "Dear Boy" all impressing in different ways.

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