Anna Karlovskaya


“Partiendo” — a small agency located in Vancouver with only four employees.

My intention was to create not very formal design showing their flexibility and modern approach in searching and selection of personnel. At the same time they are experts with extensive experience in their specific fields, knowing how to meet client and candidate needs and I wanted that design supports this as well.


I chose to focus on three pages — Home, Job Seeker and About. To organize content and layout for the website I created wireframes in Balsamiq. There are few moments which I want to describe.

Using action buttons on Home page serves to split the audience on two primary groups — employers and candidates.

On Job Seeker page I wanted to focus user’s attention on searching section and option to send CV to the agency’s database. Also I added few articles about agency’s services for candidates to catch their attention to them.

About page structure is pretty straightforward - about company section with story and expertise information, list of main clients and information about recruiters with their social links.

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Creating Style and Mood

I created two versions of styletiles with different color pallets and minor changes for content presentation. As final style I chose the first one - more colorful and with two sans serif fonts — “Quicksand” for headings by Andrew Paglinawan and “Work Sans” for paragraphs by Wei Huang, because I think this combination served my design goals better then other options.

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